University of Canberra

Urban Strategy

‘A powerful and poetic proposal that defines the campus from within and without.’ – Jury Chair Annabelle Pegrum

Winner of the 2010 Campus Design Competition

‘Drawing with a genuine certainty upon the Canberra bush setting and regional landscape…’

In 2010 Mark Tyrrell and Sharon Wright won two of the major modules for the University of Canberra Campus Design Competition. These modules were the Campus Character Plan and the University Green. Tyrrell Studio were subsequently engaged to produce a comprehensive campus character plan over the following 18 months.


‘interprets and elevates the local context..’

‘The proposal interprets and elevates the local context. It takes and works with the existing condition – the ancient weathered landform, the dry forest, the ephemeral wetland and the watercourse…’

– Extract from the Jury Report

‘It utilises a cohesive and elegant planting palette, a subtle topography and sophisticated storm water dispersal and it reinterprets the use of native vegetation.’ – Extract from jury report

‘Sculpted landforms, subtle planting regimes, wetlands, rain and sedge gardens…’

‘The proposed University Green is a subtle combination of pathways, some meandering and some rectilinear, with sculpted landforms, subtle planting regimes, wetlands, rain and sedge gardens. It avoids the ubiquitous formal urban park, opting for a seamless composition of a rich and diverse native parkland with strong links to the greater bush setting, the concourse and the broader campus. The requirements of the brief for the ‘Green’ to provide for a variety of activities and to demonstrate sustainable practices and biodiversity are met with confidence and a delicate touch.’

–  Extract from Jury Report

Sculpted landforms, campus rooms

While the plan concentrates on selected areas of the Campus it defines a cohesive approach delineating a rich robust character to inform the elaboration of the Campus landscape. – Extract from jury report